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Jungle Disk Tool

Jungle Disk keeps our business running, even when technology fails us. What would you do if your computer stopped working? You would probably call your local computer repairman and wait a few days for it to be up and running again. If your files are essential to you and you don’t can’t afford to be tied to any one computer, you need to be using online storage space and Jungle Disk just happens to be one of the best.

Growing businesses need to be able to keep running even if their home, office, car, and all of their possessions are destroyed. That is the beauty of Jungle Disk. Jungle Disk makes it easy to log in online from any computer and access your files. More importantly, Jungle Disk makes it easy to access your files from multiple computers without any cumbersome process. It works just like a network drive and syncs with the servers in real-time so that you can access your data from another computer in mere moments. The other computer, by the way, can also access the very convenient network drive, just like you would any other files on your PC.


  • Scalable Storage utilizing Rackspace’s hosting enabling you to only pay for the storage that you are using.
  • File share, sync, and backup for individuals or teams.
  • Real time, automatic file sync between multiple computers.
  • Mount storage space like any other network drive.
  • Secure your data with AES-256 encryption

Hard drives fail, coffee gets spilled, and sometimes we forget our laptop back at the office. Free your data from your hardware and use Jungle Disk today.