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Jonathan Yockey for Silverlake Water and Sewer District Commissioner Position 2

Jonathan Yockey is a successful local business owner. For the last 10 years, he has demonstrated all the skills and expertise needed to run a website development company – starting from the ground up. Jonathan will bring the skills and experience needed to help keep Silver Lake Water and Sewer District running efficiently.

Jonathan is excited to give back to the community and to bring new ideas along with a fiscally responsible business eye to reviewing contracts, reports, budgets and suppliers. Through continuous improvement, we will find new and innovative ways to make our water systems more efficient and reliable. There is always room for improvement. He would like to see our community work towards responsible water usage to reduce our overall water and sewer costs.

Jonathan was born and raised in Everett. He graduated Cascade High School with honors in 2005 and the University of Washington in 2007 majoring in mathematics.

The Yockey Family – Jonathan, his wife Sarah, and two children – live near Silver Lake and enjoy going for family walks in the neighborhood, working in the garden, and their weekly family movie night.