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Inside Out Construction

Inside Out Construction LLC

Custom Website Build

Inside Out Construction is a family owned and operated team of carpenters based in Lynnwood, WA.

This website had become out of date. There wasn’t enough text content and few small images. We wanted to highlight their services and add high quality photos.

Here is a brief outline of our process with

Inside Out Construction

Challenge & Solution

This website had two major issues. The theme and plugins hadn’t been updated in far too long, and there was a serious lack of photos and text content.

We got the website on our Advanced Hosting Package to keep the theme and plugins updated and secure. New photos were added to all the pages, along with new text and general touch ups on all the rows.

New Build, New Theme
Deployed Advanced WordPress Hosting
Maintenance and SEO Improvement.

Our Process

Planning & Goals
Together with the client, we discussed our long term goals for the website and set up an outline to make that goal a reality. For this project, it was important to closely stick to the roots of the original design.

Web Design and Review
Our design team got to work on a new layout that kept the original color and style of the old website, while simultaneously keeping the new look fresh.

Final Review & Launch
After completing the build, we reviewed with our client and made some finishing touches. We complete our website launch process with systems of checks and tests to ensure a smooth transition.

With the website launched, we help out our clients with upkeep and maintenance. This client opted for our Advanced Hosting Package, which includes quarterly maintenance from one of our technicians.

Inside Out Construction

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Finished Product

Inside Out Construction
Inside Out Construction
Inside Out Construction
Inside Out Construction
Inside Out Construction
Inside Out Construction
Sam Byrd
Insideoutconstruction LLC

Jonathan knows his business and takes the time to explain things (slowly) to an older guy like me. I appreciate his knowledge and experience almost as much as I appreciate his patience. Thank you, Jonathan!