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Anti Spam for Contact Forms


Alternatives to ReCaptcha

For some websites, spam robot messages can get out of control. The first line for defense for most of the WordPress Websites we work on, is Contact Form 7 and Google Recaptcha. This is a great standard way to start form security.

Sometimes, these measures aren’t enough. When you need to bring out the big guns, these would be our recommendations:


This plugin adds an invisible field to all contact forms on the website. Regular people can’t see this input field, but robots do. If the field is ever filled out, the submission is flagged as spam. All while being undetectable from the front end.

Custom Shortcode Quizes

These custom questions allow you to format your own single answer queries. These need to be filled out to submit the form.

Input your question on the left and your answer on the right. It would take a pretty clever robot to answer your questions correctly.

[quiz random-capital-quiz "The capital of Japan?|Tokyo" 
"The capital of France?|Paris" 
"The capital of Madagascar?|Antananarivo"]

[quiz math-quiz "12+48=?|60"]


This is a non-google replacement for Google ReCaptcha.

They have very similar features, so we would recommend using hCaptcha if Google ReCaptcha isn’t serving you well, or if you have hard feelings towards Google.